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  Please help me take the kids aroud the world on athletic adventures...every year, we crodd international borders to
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    ShamRockersUSA ~ 34 runners at the                         Atticus DeProspo ~ Age Group Winner
              Sarasota Half Marathon 2011
         Largest Running Club Attendance

          2011 New Balance                      American Ninja Warrior                      Best Friends    
Ringling Bridge Run                             Sean Morris           Kim Hyslop and Brittany Tagle

   Sean Mack running with ShamRockersUSA Irish Flag at Ringling Bridge Run 2011

   WDW Marathon Weekend 2011            WDW Wine & Dine Half Marathon 
 FASTEST Running Club                          LARGEST Running Club Attendance



               New York City Marathon          Woman's Running Magazine Half Marathon

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We live by Walt Disney's Personal Philosophy...

                        "Keep Moving Forward"

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Testimonials from registrants and parents:

Coach Diane took my son, Michael, to the Vancouver Race in August...she ran with him as he Crossed the Finish Line of his very first Half Marathon, broke him into his first rock concert and took them down front to the stage, had him stow weapons in his suitcase as they passed through Customs then strapped a belt around his butt and pushed him off a mountain....and he LOVED every minute of it!
Tina D., mom
(PS...they were souvenier pocket knives for her Counselors and they ZipTrekked off a 8,000 mountain....but it sounds good, eh?!)

   "Coach Diane is absolutely the best insane running coach the world has ever seen!"
Fia Nicoloso, Four Leaf Member 

Hi Diane
First of all I want to THANK YOU for getting Amy back to your hotel and waiting with her at 3:30 am till I got there.
Next, I want to tell you what a good group of runners you have now. When Amy told me about the race, she was all pumped up because the runners are FAST! She likes that!!!! It inspires her to run faster and do better and better. She had so much fun, every inch of the race, so thank you for taking good care of them....
Debi G., Mom

I have to share this with you  –  After the race Nina and I ran some errands.  The entire time she periodically said, “I am so proud of myself!”  She also had changed in to her Bridge Run shirt and the entire morning people stopped her to ask her how the race was and they told her how great it was that she ran in it.  Nina was beaming all morning.  It isn’t only good for her physically, but she is realizing that if she works hard at it, she can do anything!
Bonnie V., Mom

I'm totally on board!! Love the statement. Press release emails brought

tears to my eyes. I want for Austin the same self-confidence the Four

Leafer's have shown in accomplishing the lofty goal of 4 half's in 6 weeks.
OUTSTANDING!! Congrats to you for being a positive
role model &

inspiration to them.
Nikki N., Mom

Meredith took her medal to school this morning to share on their news program at school during “The Principals Corner”.  She decided that she showed the IB trait of Balanced, since she balances her education with running activities as well as chorus and piano. OK, I’ll try to stop beaming now.  Lisa J

Diane, you have changed my daughters life! She may have done a lot of walking but at least she finished. She never did anything like this before and she was never part of a team, either. The impact you have had on her is fantastic.

Patty W., mom

Hi Diane,

I think they did a great job, too! I know Kayla just ran the 4,8 but she kept a 11 minute mile pace which I thought was good. Hope she will be able to work up to the 13.1. Thanks for making the event and running fun for them. Kayla still is laughing about the "runs like a girl.... keep up" that you wrote on her.  I think she is building self esteem just completing a race and being a part of something so positive.Thanks, Lori F., Mom

"Thanks. My son had a great time! You are a fabulous coach as it is not only about the camaraderie but also about the fun factor!"
Thao R., mom

"I was impressed by the young runners from the United States.  A very professional team of athletes."
Gina J., Race Director, Cork City Marathon Relay

Hey Coach, 
I'm finally not sore, and am soooo happy that I did the 8 miles, although I could have settled for just 5. Also, I just cannot wait for my first fulll 1/2 marathon, it's going to be sooo awesome. Oh, and by the way, I had to wear jeans to school becuz of the sharpie. the good part was I showed chip what we do at each race. I definately can't wait to sharpie me and everybody again (next time i'm going to immediately sharpie Alex, cuz i couldn't get him last time). Anyway, just wanted to say, "YAY!" ShamROCKer (as my mom would say)
Meredith, first-time runner

"Diane, you are performing an exceptional service for the youth of Sarasota. Best of luck in

continuing to grow your program. Congratulations and continued success!
You are

changing the face of running in Sarasota."
Howard S., HS Cross Country Coach

"Dear Diane, thank you for the pin. I enjoyed running in the Disney Half with you and enjoy running in the ShamRockers and can't wait to do another race. Congralations on the Full race you ran. I can't imagine the pain you are in...I can't walk down stairs! Thanks again."
Quinlan B., member

"This program changes kids' lives."
Tom L., parent

"Last week, I was fortunate enough to get 1st place in the 6-mile run at the bridge. I must "Thank You" very much for starting this running club and for spreading the word of it to the schools. I'm much healthier than I was a couple of months ago!"
Patrick B., member

"I was absolutely spellbound by your so-right-on presentation regarding the teen running club; thank you for coming to our school and for your engaging enthusiasm!"
Bon F., mom

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In six months, we will train you to Run/Walk your way to the Walt Disney World Half Marathon or other Disney Endurance Series event. You will be baptized with your very own Irish "ShamRockers" name, receive a personal Training Log from Runners World magazine, a personalized team shirt for races, the strength to perform a feat most people will never do in a lifetime (let alone at the age of 13 or 14), the skills to raise a minimum of $300 to pay for all race expenses and your very own Gold Finisher's Medal. 

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